Cinemett… or

… the time’s coming for the Cat and the Dog to get together

The film is a comprehensive portrait of young heroin-dependent people on their rough journey through a fast changing, rapidly spinning post-communist world of euphoria and depression, of ecstatic highs and suicidal lows. This group serves like a representation sample of an entire generation of mostly youngsters, trapped tightly within the drug dependence nightmare. They are layered within the lowest levels of a society that continuously disregards their existence. Are they really victims, or are they being speculatively abusing the brand new reality of “Western” type of “drug freedom” that flooded the fragile and shaken by the fall of its ideological props Bulgarian society? Do we have to hate and despise them for their weakness; or do we have to admire them for their “active civic protest”; or do we have to pity them for their irreversibly ruined young lives, or…?



We don’t judge them. You may, if you feel like it after watching this. It’s a serene stark look at a reality that exists right in front of everyone’s eyes. And although society fails and refuses to register them as a fact, our camera does.



Take a glimpse: