A foreign visitor to Bulgaria is accidentally involved in the pursuit of a 10-year-old homeless gypsy kid caught stealing from a street kiosk, Struggling for his life, the boy stabs a mortal wound into the man’s body with his pocketknife.

Then circumstances make the two enemies stay together for a while. Little by little they become friends.

The two shocked creatures clutch at one another and in the course of their absurd trip through the dirt and cold of the big city, they discover in themselves a virgin stock of primary human warmth and clarity. The spectacular ugliness and garbage they crawl through makes for a strange setting for that clarity.

The boy, although on the lowest step of the social ladder, manages – in his own way – to behave like a Human Being in a place, where civilization seems to have destroyed humanity forever. “Saving” him, he drags the dying man out of town to a location resembling the Moon surface, lacking any sign of life but the two lost souls. It feels like the end of the world. And in many ways is…

The man dies. And the boy is cast back into his desperate loneliness.

But wherever this child goes from here, under his muddy clothes he will surely deliver if not the salvation, at least the great and only Hope for this dying world’s future – a humble promise for a drop of love.


Mud (“Kal”) is one of the most successful Bulgarian student short films ever. It was selected in the official competition program at Cannes Film Festival and won 8 international Film Festival awards.





Mud received a lot of critical acclaim and plenty of press coverage.







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